About Frank Cole

Frank Cole grew up in southeastern Wyoming and credits his families’ western lifestyle to his love of the outdoors. My earliest memories include fishing for brook trout in the Snowy Mountain Range of Wyoming with my dad and sister. After graduating college, and with a degree in advertising design in hand, I moved to Montana. I was fortunate to meet some really good folk who shared my passion for animals and seeing what is over the next ridge. These friends fueled my ultimate hunting passion and I am forever in their debt. These days I combine both my art and outdoor passions; spending many hours sculpting, painting and drawing wildlife and hunting dogs when I’m not in the great outdoors. From my first hunts for pronghorn in my home state of Wyoming to my wanting to see what’s over the next ridge, I’ve spent countless sleepless nights in economy class just to get to my next hunt over the past couple decades.

    I’ve been extremely blessed to hunt on 6 continents with adventures to Argentina, Australia, Austria, Botswana, Canada, China, England, Italy, Jamacia, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe; and along the way I’ve taken over 80 big game species. North America was never off my radar and thanks to some sage advice; I started collecting points in the western states early on, and now consistently draw some of the best tags available. I hold a Super 10 of North American species with a species count at 15 and have hunted Alaska to Texas and Florida to Hawaii and many points in between.

    Through my extensive travels across a wide variety of unspoiled ecosystem; a great respect has grown for the world’s Fauna and Flora. Photographing, observing, and living among these landscapes; people and wildlife has allowed me a window into understanding the fragile relationship between the cultures, land and animals. I enjoy visiting with hunters from all walks of life and sharing my knowledge with clients. It’s from my personal experiences that I can relate to my clients hopes, dreams and yes, fears. I completely understand the complex draw systems for premium limited-entry permits and various state bonus point systems, and one of my favorite days at work is telling clients, “you drew and unbelievable tag”! When I’m not at work I can be found relaxing with the dogs, fishing, sculpting, hand-crafting lifestyle art and volunteering with conservation groups.


Hunting game pursuits: Worldwide big-game, upland, waterfowl and turkey.

Fishing pursuits: Love to fish, but don’t get to go enough. I've fished fresh and salt-water on 5 continents, including fly-fishing 3 of them.

Ultimate hunting goal: I’m always looking at the next adventure to a place I have not been for a species I have not chased.

    Short answer: Lord Derby Eland

Favorite weapon: All, I’m a bit of a gear junkie and have successfully hunted with all weapons, however my favorite is the old cowboy lever guns and single-action revolvers. I’ve also bow hunted 3 continents.

Petersen’s Hunting features: Blessed to be featured in Petersen’s Hunting twice; once as booking agent and once for my sculptures.

About my art: Honors graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art and studied watercolors at Eastern Montana College in Billings. After a career in advertising I stepped off the corporate ladder to chase my dreams; finding it refreshing to be allowed to express myself though my lifestyle art and sculptures. 

This is a collection of hunting and fishing pictures of Frank with different animals he has taken while hunting all around the world. 

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